My father loved flying in World War II. Being at the controls of a single seat photo-reconnaissance plane meant not only being the pilot, but the radio operator, photographer, and, most importantly, the navigator. “It was important to keep an eye on the horizon,” he said, “but you had to keep an eye on the compass, too.” Checking the compass frequently was vital: the longer you flew off course, the more effort it took to calculate course corrections to make your way home.

Education is no different. We have to check the compass for student learning, content coverage, as well as class culture.

Mid-semester can be a great time to check the compass and see how things are going. Hubert

Traditionally, we might check in with our students using a survey, either with paper pencil or a digital survey. However, there is someone who would like to help you make collecting student feedback a bit more personal.

Meet Hubert.

Perhaps it’s not more personal; it doesn’t actually involve a “person.” Hubert is what is known as a “chatbot.” He…she…uh…it… is an AI (artificial intelligence) system designed to survey your students using three questions:

  • What could the teacher start doing that would improve the course?
  • Is there something that should stop because it’s not working well?
  • What is working well and should continue in the same way?

Hubert chat1The questions are asked in what appears most like a texting or messaging window. Think of the messaging app on your iPhone, or perhaps Facebook messenger. Your students simply chat with Hubert about your class.

Hubert then brings the qualitative data together into themes. The themes form the foundation of a report back to the educator to see how things are going. The report shows positive, neutral, and negative feedback, as well as strengths and improvable areas.

Essentially, Hubert helps you “check the compass.”

It is extremely easy to recruit Hubert: simply make an account, put in your students’ emails, and click send. Hubert does the rest.

So if you feel like you’ve been focused on the horizon and need to check the compass, this might be a fun and informative way to do it.

Hubert analyze

S/O to Hubert on Twitter!: @Hubert_AI

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