Why twenty-three? Because Thanksgiving is on the 23rd and the list had to stop somewhere!

  1. Let’s start simple: electricity.
  2. Next to electricity it is only natural to be thankful for plumbing – running water.
  3. And with those, at this time of year, it’s nice to have the furnace producing plentiful warmth.
  4. As the Hays Student Center can affirm after losing their heat, we must also be thankful for the folks over at physical plant – they keep us all safe, comfortable, and allow us to do our jobs.
  5. Our best students; the ones whose special spark for learning inspire us daily.
  6. Coffee. Even if you don’t drink it, you should still be thankful for it. Some of us would not be pleasant coworkers without it.
  7. The fact that Pete’s Retreat serves coffee.
  8. The wonderful ladies working Pete’s Retreat who remember our coffee orders.
  9. Food. Seriously, I don’t take advantage of Sodexo or the Café nearly enough. Variety and quality under one roof – it’s rare!
  10. The greenhouses and those that work in them to produce the produce for the Café.
  11. The funds and facilities necessary to enjoy the great college sports we have. #GoNJC!
  12. The marvelous minds working behind the calculators, spreadsheets, and account numbers that grease the financial wheels keeping NJC moving forward.
  13. The Monahan Learning Center – the books, the programs, the people.
  14. Thelma the nursing simulation dummy and all her shenanigans.
  15. That we have both the statue and the real Jack Annan on campus.
  16. Our campus. Each and every building – old or new, renovated or dilapidated – these walls protect, contain, and facilitate the rooms we need to continue our mission of learning.
  17. The lesson of ESF: that we can maintain tradition – our past and history – with modern innovation and renovation.
  18. Wireless internet. Hard to believe it wasn’t here a few years ago!
  19. Those that work tirelessly on the other end of the network to keep our servers, routers, connections, programs, software, hardware, and sanity intact!
  20. Copy machines.
  21. The people who maintain our copy machines.
  22. Our most challenging students who remind us that patients and love are as important as content and test scores.
  23. The army of people dedicated to serving our students.
  24. ?

The list can and should continue just as we can and should continue to be thankful after the day of thanks in November.
What continues this list for you? What people, conveniences, and things would you add?

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