Research: frequent formative quizzing increases student learning (testing effect; retrieval practice).
Teachers: Two words: grading time.

Time is our greatest gift and worst enemy. If we can decrease the amount of time it takes to complete an important task that is ultimately mundane, why not do it?ZipGrade checkmark logo

If you are still grading multiple choice tests by hand I hate to be the one to inform you but…there’s an app for that (literally). Actually, there are many apps, but today I’d like to share just one with you:


If the word “scantron” is synonymous with testing to you, then ZipGrade will be comfortable territory.

ZipGrade uses a free, downloadable, printable scoring sheet. Students fill in the bubbles as they take the test, then the ZipGrade app does the work of grading it for you. Instead of walking to the office, resource room, or closet to grade that stack of tests, you can literally grade them as they are turned in with your phone or iPad.

ZipGrade 20 question answer sheet
ZipGrade has premade 20, 50, and 100 question answer sheets (20 question pictured above)



The system can work for any assessment that is multiple choice. ZipGrade has 20, 50, 100 question answer sheets available, and custom answer sheets can be created with the “Custom Answer Sheet Wizard.”

The system is free for 100 scans per month. I know, you would use that in one week, but here is the cool part: an entire year of unlimited scans costs only $6.99.

Some neat features:

  • Upload students from Excel (using a .csv Excel version) instead of typing them in one by one
  • Create customized answer sheets for each class (including student names and numbers!)
  • One step further: create class answer sheets, laminate them, and have students use dry erase markers. No more printing answer sheets!
  • Develop tests with as many as four separate keys for those with wandering eyes
  • Review test results by looking at:
    • An image of the actual answer sheet with correct and incorrect responses highlighted
    • Class score distribution
    • Class averages
    • Individual question analysis (to cull out those bad questions)
  • Custom answer sheets

When they say custom, they mean custom. Want to survey your government class about issues and candidates? You can set up an answer sheet for that. Want to categorize your quiz? Go for it.

ZipGrade is one of many digital grading options, but if you are looking to utilize the technology in front of you (your iPad) instead the Scantron in the closet down the hall, it might be the perfect fit.

For more info:

ZipGrade – Support!

A Simple How to Get Started

Video (Forgive the intro music!)

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