Our goal is to support excellence in learning and teaching in every classroom.

Why? To support NJC students.

We understand the principles behind great teaching and learning. We understand that what happens in the classroom affects our students’ futures. We are here to support our teachers, ensuring that effect is positive.

We provide support in a variety of ways:

  • Pedagogy: we support a common understanding of what great teaching and learning looks like based on the most recent cognitive science and educational research.
  • Strategy: we support research based, effective instructional strategies through training, coaching, and provision of resources.
  • Technology: we support the implementation of technology with the understanding that modern instruction – 21st century teaching – demands the adaptation and adoption of new technology.

We do this by leading the Student Engagement and Technology Team, developing coaching and instructional strategies, planning and facilitating training, and being available to our teachers to plan, trouble shoot, and develop instruction based on their strengths and needs.