Teaching Technological Adaptability

Part 5 of the article series on the 2017 COLTT Conference Day 1 by Jesseb Adam Teaching Technological Adaptability Presenter: Dr. Melonie (Lonie) McMichael, Senior Instructor at UCCS, professional and technical writing “Technodaptability is the aptitude for learning technology quickly.” I can testify to the need for instruction towards technological adaptability. Every campus I have … Continue reading Teaching Technological Adaptability


The Cognitive Science of Learning: Books and Resources

“What did you use?” “What books did you read?” “What would you recommend as a starting point?” I received these questions after presenting at a recent faculty in-service at Northeastern Junior College about the process of how we learn and know new information. The developments in cognitive psychology in the past two decades have revolutionized … Continue reading The Cognitive Science of Learning: Books and Resources